MHHS Attendance Policies/Procedures

Excessive Absences

• Excused and unexcused absences that exceed 10 days per semester

• May result in course credit denial

Make-up Days

• Students may earn credit for days missed up to 16 periods, or the equivalency of four full school days of excused absences,.by attending after-school academic sessions.

• 1 ½ contact hours = 1 period

• Only excused absences will be allowed to be made up.

• This credit must be earned prior to the end of the semester.

–Attendance make up will only take place the last twenty days before testing.

Parent Notifications

• Calls of Concern will be sent out after the 6th excused and unexcused combined


• A “subject to Course Credit Denial” letter will be sent after the initial 10th combined

absence per semester