MHHS National Board Certified Teachers

Peter Bobbe
Aimee Hall
Tressa Hartsell
Kim Higgins
Brian Hill
Angela Holtzclaw
Dan McKinney
Steven Ray
Sallie Senseney

MHHS Honors

2016 ~ 2017 - NC Academic Growth Award
2004 ~ 2005 - School of Distinction
2003 ~ 2004 - School of Distinction
2001 ~ 2002 - School of Progress
2001 ~ 2002 - Expected Academic Growth
1999 ~ 2000 - Expected Academic Growth
1998 ~ 1999 - Exemplary Academic Growth
1998 ~ 1999 - Top Ten Most Improved High Schools in Student Academic Growth/Gain
1997 ~ 1998 - Exemplary Academic Growth

YCS Principal of the Year

2013 - MHHS Principal - Kevin Huskins

YCS Teacher of the Year

2019 - MHHS Teacher - Nicole Robinson
2016 - MHHS Teacher - Peter Bobbe
2015 - MHHS Teacher - Jeremy Dotts

YCS Support Person of the Year

2016 - Danny Tschudy
2015 - Susie Fox (MHHS) & Gary Fox (CRMS)

MHHS Teacher of the Year

2018-2019 - Nicole Robinson
2017-2018 - Sallie Senseney
2016-2017 - Malena Robinson
2015-2016 - Peter Bobbe 
2014-2015 - Jeremy Dotts
2013-2014 - Tracy Howell
2012-2013 - Donna Sink
2011-2012 - John Hardin
2010-2011-  Norb McKinney

MHHS Rookie Teacher of the Year

2017 - Amanda Ogle
2016 - Nicole Robinson
2015 - Ashley Autrey
2014 - Olivia Watson
2013 - Aimee Hall

MHHS Support Person of the Year

2019 - Jennifer Toro
2018 - Erik Buchanan
2017 - Joni Hughes
2016 - Danny Tschudy
2015 - Susie Fox

MHHS Cara Cox CARE Award

2019 - Joey Robinson
2018 - Donna Banks
2017 - Shane Sullivan
2016 - Jennifer Toro
2015 - Debbie Boone
2014 - Christy Roberts
2013 - Faye Laws

MHHS Volunteer of the Year

2017 - Dr. Willard Cottrell

Yancey County Schools with a Top Ten in the State Award for the 
High School Graduation Rate - October 2016

"Yancey County Schools – Top 10 in the State for Graduation Rate This week Mr. Kevin Huskins and Mr. Erik Buchanan traveled to Raleigh where they received an award from State Superintendent Dr. June Atkinson. YCS tied for the 7th best graduation rate in the state last year."

**Excerpt taken from the Yancey County School's Superintendent's Update 10/28/16

MHHS Ranks 2nd in the State in CTE Credentials Earned - October 2016

"The 2015-16 NC Career and Technical Education (CTE) Credentialing Data report showed state CTE students earned 140,097 credentials, an increase of nearly 500 percent from the 24,782 credentials reported in 2010-11. Student results were collected for 90 different credentials that include all NC CTE program areas and career clusters. Individual students may report more than one credential earned. Career Readiness Certificates, which are available at four different levels, were earned by 39,058 students. Microsoft Office Specialist PowerPoint (20,409) and Word (19,780) also were among the most frequently earned credentials.

The top five districts/charter schools with the largest percentage of students earning credentials across the state in 2015-16 were: 
* Bladen County Schools 45.0 percent; 
* Yancey County Schools 42.4 percent; 
* Cherokee County Schools 41.4 percent; 
* Mountain Charter School 40.7 percent; 
* Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools 40.5 percent. 

Congratulations to the CTE teachers and students for this achievement!"

**Excerpt taken from the Yancey County School's Superintendent's Update 10/14/16

MHHS Turns 40 - September 2016

"This year marks the 40th year anniversary for MHHS. I am a proud graduate of the first graduating class in 1977. The current administration at MHHS has planned a yearlong celebration. At each home varsity football game, past principals of MHHS will be recognized at half-time. On August 19th, Mrs. Cara Cox, the first MHHS principal and the first female high school principal in the state, was recognized. Tonight, Mr. Larry Howell will be honored at half-time at the varsity game against North Buncombe." -Dr. Tony Tipton, Yancey County Schools Superintendent

**Excerpt taken from the Yancey County School's Superintendent's Update 9/2/16

YCS Teacher of the Year 2016 - May 2016

"Congratulations to Dr. Peter Bobbe, English teacher at Mountain Heritage High School, for being named the 2016 YCS Teacher of the Year. He will spend his summer preparing for the Regional Teacher of the Year. We know he will represent Yancey County well at the regional level! 

Congratulations to all TOYs from the following schools: 
Stacey Carver - Bald Creek Elementary 
Sherry Garland - Bee Log Elementary 
Meghan Huskins - Burnsville Elementary 
Erin McKinney - Clearmont Elementary 
Carleigh Fox - Micaville Elementary 
Kim Cripps - South Toe Elementary 
Judi Davids - Cane River Middle 
Michelle Geouge - East Yancey Middle"

**Excerpt taken from the Yancey County School's Superintendent's Update 5/20/16

YCS Support Person of the Year 2015-2016 - May 2016

"The YCS Support Person of the Year for 2015-2016 is Danny Tschudy! Danny has been the custodian at MHHS for the past 37 years. He began as a part time employee in 1978 and a full time employee in 1981. Congratulations, Danny!"

**Excerpt taken from the Yancey County School's Superintendent's Update 5/6/16

MHHS Student & YCS Staff Member Featured in SkillsUSA Publication - April 2016

"Congratulations! This year marks the 50th anniversary of SkillsUSA formally known as VICA. In commemoration, the organization is running stories in its publication of how SkillsUSA has impacted lives. MHHS SkillsUSA teacher, Kim Higgins, has been notified that MHHS Senior, Danielle Silver, and her mom, Clearmont Elementary Assistant Technology Facilitator Malinda Silver, will be featured in this special edition that will be released sometime this summer."

**Excerpt taken from the Yancey County School's Superintendent's Update 4/22/16

MHHS Teachers Honored - August 2014

"Congratulations to Ms. Olivia Watson, agricultural teacher at Mountain Heritage High School. She has been selected for a Teachers
Turn the Key Professional Development Scholarship from the National Association of Agricultural Educators.Teachers Turn the Key is a national scholarship program that allows early career agricultural educators to attend the annual NAAE convention, giving them the opportunity to become involved with their professional association.

The MHHS Carpentry Program and Teacher Mr. Jeremy Dotts has been selected to be recognized as one of the top Construction
Programs within the state due to our partnership with PILLARS, Inc. and Habitat for Humanity.

Also, Mrs. Malena Robinson, a MHHS FACS teacher, has served on a curriculum development team for the past two years. As part of this team, she has worked with 8-10 other teachers across North Carolina to develop the Apparel I & II curriculum for the state of North Carolina. She also presented professional development sessions at the State CTE Summer Conference for FACS teachers across North Carolina regarding the new curriculum roll-out for the upcoming year. It is quite an honor to be selected to serve on these teams and requires a significant commitment beyond teaching duties throughout the year."

**Excerpt taken from the Yancey County School's Superintendent's Update 8/22/2014

Congratulations to MHHS Media Specialist - September 2014

"This past Monday, September 29th, 2014, MHHS Media Coordinator, Mrs. Jenny Tipton, conducted a presentation at the Western Region Fall Leadership Conference. Her topic was on redefining the role of the traditional high school library into a 21st Century Media Center."

**Excerpt taken from the Yancey County School's Superintendent's Update 10/3/14

Yancey County Schools with a Top Ten in the State Award for the 
High School Graduation Rate - October 2014

"On October 3rd State Superintendent Dr. June Atkinson presented Yancey County Schools with a Top Ten in the State Award for the high school graduation rate at a banquet in Raleigh. It marks the first time in Yancey County Schools’ history that the graduation rate has been recognized for such an accomplishment. The 2014 graduation rate at Mountain Heritage High School was at 92.1% which has steadily increased over the past few years. 

4 Year Graduation Cohort Rates Percentages
2007-2008 75.1%
2008-2009 80.6%
2009-2010 77.2%
2010-2011 78.2%
2011-2012 82.3%
2012-2013 82.7%
2013-2014 92.1 %

Yancey County Schools Superintendent Dr. Tony Tipton stated, “Our schools from kindergarten through twelfth grade are identifying at-risk students and supporting them in as many ways as possible to enable them to graduate from high school. This award represents the systems dedication to students and highlights the efforts all Yancey County Schools employees make daily.” Mountain Heritage High School Principal Kevin Huskins and Assistant Principal Erik Buchanan were in attendance at the event."

Press Release from YCS April 2014 Board Meeting:

MHHS Dropout Rate is Lowest in School History 

Mountain Heritage High School Principal Kevin Huskins reported at the regular meeting of the Yancey County Board of Education on April 7th that the Mountain Heritage High School dropout rate has just been announced for the March 2013-March 2014 timeframe and is the lowest in the school’s history. The previous dropout rate of just over 3% from March 2012-March 2013 improved to 1.6% for this past year. 

Across North Carolina the state average dropout rate dropped from 3.01% last year to 2.45% this year. Superintendent Tony Tipton stated, “While Yancey County Schools will continue to improve on that number, it is still great news and this accomplishment is shared by every teacher, every bus driver, and every employee our children come in contact with throughout their years with YCS.

Mr. Robert Buckner -  Farm City Educator of the Year - December 2013
Pictured: Kevin Huskins - MHHS Principal, Robert Buckner - MHHS Math Teacher, 
and Olivia Watson, Agricultural Advisory Council Board Member.
In addition, MHHS students Nicaela Branton received the Farm City Youth Award and 
Blake Tschudy received the Farm City Next Generation in Agriculture Award